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Lexapro cost uk £1.5m for her services She is one of just two women on the list; other is former New Zealand hooker Lisa Harkness, who is also the wife of former Wallaby coach Nicky Harkness. Bath had a first and only woman as a player, and only had one female coach - John Smith. The most successful was late Judy Sampson, getting off lexapro weight loss who also coached Australia. Bath's first women's manager was former Wales centre-half Jenny Cusack, who joined on 9 January 2014 but then quit after six months because of the club's wage lexapro available in the uk structure. She is replaced by Emma Llewellyn, who was paid around £200,000 but won one league title, two cups and played a number of club fixtures. Media playback is not supported on this device Highlights: Leicester 1-0 Bath 'Women's football was dead or close to dying' Bath City manager Luke Coyle told BBC Radio Gloucestershire: "As a club we've worked incredibly hard to make sure we stay alive and keep growing, especially here in the city. "And the women's game was very dead or close to dying. I went into the women's business last season and thought we'd never succeed, it actually seems to be evolving a lot as way to help develop players. "That's the way we want to be going forward and our aim is to be one of the biggest and best women's football clubs in the country - that's what we want to attract, and the best players come from women's game. "That brings the best coaches, which takes players, brings a better standard of game and the best women's teams in country. "We don't want to just get the best players, we want to get the best players for right price." Why has the women's game declined? The reasons are complicated and not all of them drugstore coupon code cyber monday are entirely technical. Lifestyle choice One of the big reasons for demise of the women's game has been emergence of social media and the rise of social media. And the decline of interest is being driven by social media - women make up 60% of the female population and social media is, in a way, way to reach that 60% of female population all at the same time. Women on social media such as Twitter are often sharing videos, gifs and photos - it's a way to engage and connect. The key to staying in touch with them is to engage in the same ways that you would a regular follower. Media playback is not supported on this device Women's Six Nations highlights: Wales 10-4 England That's why the men have also found it hard to gain a large following, both on social media and through conventional media. And those people aren't necessarily interested in football - they might be involved with other topics Can you buy prozac over the counter uk - politics, politics but that's not always the case. The main reason to watch men's game is the competition because men win, that's what they do. But you want to see the woman on receiving end - the team that scores. You want to see girls doing amazing things because, obviously, it's so hard for women to be part of the side they're supporting, especially if there are other footballing women or men following them. Social media has become a good way to connect can you get lexapro in the uk with the female audience. Sport is becoming more and competitive One of the big problems is, because there's so much money in the men's game and because of the TV deals, even best players will often win millions of dollars. What we found with England, they were losing against France in the Six Nations and there were loads of commentators saying France should have won - this is something new. The average England player is not going to have won the Six Nations but they'll have made money, the big salaries for players with no other reason than because of the television deals have come about. I think that's why the women's game isn't as good these days - it's not attracting those big money offers.

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